How to Prepare a Good Presentation for Degree Work


Many students feel anxious when it comes to presentation work. For a student to be able to prepare a good presentation they need to be very conversant with the subject that they are presenting, so that they can be able to present properly. This article discusses various tips that a student should utilize when preparing a good presentation for degree work.

Presentation structure

A good structure will make the student to feel secure when presenting and at the same time help the audience to understand what is being presented. A presentation should have a start, middle and a conclusion.

Master the content

A student should understand the material he is presenting and be very brief. He should avoid giving the audience too much information and just give the important information.

The way one enter is very crucial

The most important message is communicated non-verbally. A student need to remain calm while presenting, vary the tone of their voice, use gestures, engage the audience and maintain a smile.

Start the presentation when ready

Sometimes students gets nervous when starting their presentation, something which makes him or her to start when neither he or she nor the audience is ready.В Student should remain calm and start when they feel ready.

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Comprehend the visual aids

In case a student is using a Flipchart or PowerPoint slides, they should ensure they are visible without a lot of details, they should only be used to support what the student is saying and the student should not talk to the visual aids but should talk to the audience.

Practice a lot

Practicing a presentation is very important especially if the student was given a lot of time to prepare. It allows the student to be conversant with the subject matter as well as gain confidence.

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